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My story started around 20 years ago when I was a veterinarian technician at an “Cats Only Veterinarian Clinic”, this is where I first saw the Maine Coon Breed.

We had several Maine Coon breeders and I always knew this was the breed that one day I would love to own. The breed was not only gorgeous in looks of course but the personality was very unique and friendly and they are also known to get along with other pets such as dogs, which I also love as well.   When the breeders came in and shared their show stories with us I knew when it was time in my life that I could devote to this breed  I would own/ show this exceptional cat, and that is what I did.  I was mentored by several different breeders as to how the show world works. It has turned out to be a very fun hobby of mine and I enjoy meeting all the different cat breeders and different breeds of cats.  I have managed to attain  great show quality cats for my cattery from all parts of the world  as well as show quality kittens from my own breeding program.

I actively show in TICA- The International Cat Association, but my cats are registered with multiple Associations.  I have in my cattery received awards such as Regional Winner,  Quadruple Grand Champion in adult class as well as Regional Winner in the kitten class.

The Maine Coon breed average in size from 18-25 lbs for males and females between 12-17.  Ours will fall in these ranges or sometimes bigger. I have a very wide variety of colors and patterns in my cattery.  Some of them will have beautiful silver, others colors could be Black Smoke and Blue Smoke, Blue, Red ,Brown ,Black, Black Silvers, Red Silver. I also could have torbies and torties, which are the colorful girls! Some of the kittens will have white paws and chest as well.  They could have classic patterns, mackerel pattern, and the beautiful ticked pattern.  With such a wide variety I am sure there will be one of your favorite colors and patterns to choose from.

My breeding cats are tested for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) via ultrasound. They are also DNA tested for the genetic mutation which is known to cause HCM this is also called the HCM1 gene. Although they are tested for this gene as with humans there are many different genetic mutations which can cause this disease.  Even though they are tested for this disease no breeder can guarantee that their cats will not get this condition.  They are also DNA tested for other diseases as well.  All my  breeding cats are FELV/FIV neg.